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Season One

Above the Clouds

Ep 13: The Veil is Thinner


In this Episode Nick and Jess speak to Kevin Hall, author of the book, “Signs the Veil is Thinner Than We Imagine”. Kevin shares a story about the last man to make it out of the Twin Towers. Nick shares a family story that highlights the role that animals sometimes play in sending messages from the other side.

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Connect with Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall, dad, grandpa and papa are the monikers that he happily embraces. He lives with his wife in Rush NY, a suburb of Rochester, and has 2 married children, 6 grandchildren, and a dog named Pal. He spent his 40+ year career in the private sector, holds a US Patent, was profiled in Forbes magazine, wrote several white papers and won numerous awards for his work. Retired, and wondering what was next, he began writing, and published his first two Memoir/History books in 2022. When asked why he started writing, he responds “because of my grandkids repeatedly asking, what was it like when you were a kid grandpa?”. Due to its popularity – his first book became the #1 book checked out of the Ilion, NY Library for all of 2022. For his 3rd book he has interviewed some very interesting people and is telling their remarkable and uplifting stories, some of them near miraculous in nature.

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