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Season Two

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep. 47 - An Important Piece in the Puzzle

Chris Porpiglia joined Manning and Napier because of their strong foundation in the belief of working with the community to Make Buffalo Better. He is a part of the company because they know that fundraising for non-profits is hard and that every dollar brought in is an opportunity to raise more support. Chris makes a positive impact in the community by providing these organizations with consistent returns year after year. Chris doesn’t just stop with finances. He has a love for volunteering and solving puzzles. This enigmatologist for non-profits works hard to educate our future generations at Junior Achievers, and he networks to help others identify the best ways to make the community better. 

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A native of WNY, Chris focuses his wealth management practice on community involvement and a "give-first" mentality. In addition to individuals and families, he works with numerous community-based non-profit organizations, both professionally and as an active board member and volunteer. 

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Manning & Napier has been guiding clients toward their financial goals for more than four decades. Their independent, opportunistic style helps investors meet a wide variety of investment needs even in the most challenging environments.

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