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The That Sounds Terrifying Podcast

That Sounds Terrifying is a podcast for people interested in the paranormal. Whether it’s hearing scary stories, sharing odd happenings, or even hearing different ideologies on such things. 
Join Jess and Nick to talk about how the world is much stranger than it seems and explore the unknown which can be, well… terrifying. 


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Share Your Terrifying Tale

We want to be terrified by your stories! Share them with us for the chance to be a terrifying guest or have them read on the show by Jess or Nick. Email us at or click the link below.


About The Hosts

Jess DeCotis

Jess DeCotis

Jess is a self-described spooky person. She loves paranormal stories, reading Tarot, and sometimes can speak to dead people.


She listens to each story with a healthy dose of skepticism, but enjoys giving the benefit of the doubt since she herself has tales she wouldn’t believe if they didn’t happen to her.


Fall is her favorite time of year, but she loves ‘terrifying’ tales year round. 

Nick Koziol

2023-09-06 (1).jpg

This is Nick's second podcast as he is also the podcast host of That Sounds Terrific which celebrates the great work that people are doing to create, build, and influence a more positive and supportive community. 

That Sounds Terrifying is an opportunity to share terrific stories of a different nature. Giving a platform to listen to, explore, and share scary or extraordinary experiences so we may better understand the many mysteries that exist in our world. Perhaps we can find some answers that will help us sleep better at night. 

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