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Season Four

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep 102: Community Pay It Forward

In this inspiring episode of "That Sounds Terrific," host Nick Koziol sits down with Zak Clayton, the dynamic founder and president of Community Pay it Forward. Zak's journey began with a life-changing motorcycle accident in 2015, leading him to realize the profound impact of community support. This pivotal experience fueled his mission to create Community Pay it Forward, a program that empowers individuals to make meaningful contributions through everyday purchases. Tune in to episode for an uplifting conversation that reminds us all of the strength found in coming together.

About Zak Clayton, Founder and President Community Pay it Forward


Zak Clayton, founder of Clayton Consulting & Event Planning LLC (CCEP), is driven by a passion for community and compassion. Following a life-altering motorcycle accident in 2015, Zak experienced firsthand the power of support during recovery. Inspired to bridge gaps in assistance, he launched the Community Pay it Forward Program, empowering individuals to make meaningful impacts through everyday purchases. Zak's leadership extends to Community Dare to Care Outreach & Events, providing essential resources and fostering community spirit. Dedicated to collective action and resilience, Zak envisions a future where kindness and collaboration transform lives, echoing his motto: "No One Needs to Go it Alone When We all, "Come Together!"

Connect and Follow Community Pay It Forward:

At its core, the Community Pay it Forward Program is a vehicle for change, offering support to families in crisis, children battling illness, veterans in need, local nonprofits, and various community improvement projects. Through a seamless process of Shop, Click, and Pick, individuals can make a tangible difference in the lives of others with every purchase.

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