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Season Three

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Episode 25: Join the Coalition To Bridge Inequity Gaps

For change to happen one must establish goals, deliver them in clear communication,  and often they need to collaborate with and create strong partnerships to achieve a mission. Movements for change are often is sparked by a moment in history that defines us. Dina Johnson has answered a calling. In response to questions from her own teenage children about George Floyd, Dina made a conscious effort to educate a community by forming a coalition for positive change. Started in Monroe County, New York the Monroe County Family Coalition (MCFC) is looking to mobilize this movement and open the lines of communication around inequity gaps to bring about necessary change in our communities. MCFC is educating through action and has clearly defined goals. They are building partnerships with civic leaders, local organizations, and law enforcement in order to establish stronger lines of communication and understanding. Inequality is one of the biggest issues in America, join the coalition to bridge those gaps together.

Monroe County Family Coalition, Inc. (MCFC)


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Monroe County Family Coalition, Inc. (MCFC) is a nonprofit organization formed by a group of Monroe County parents, teachers, and counselors, in the wake of the Black Families Matter rally held on June 20, 2020, in the Town of Greece. Members came together with a vision to create opportunities for youth and families, bring about change, and bridge inequality gaps in the community.

More About Dina Johnson, CEO:

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Dina is the founder and CEO of the Monroe County Family Coalition, Inc. (MCFC) and director of care and support at the Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester and Finger Lakes Region. 

She graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science/premed with a concentration in psychology. Dina also holds a graduate certificate in nonprofit management leadership from St. John Fisher College and attending St. John fisher College in the Fall of 2021 majoring in the M.S. Mental Health Counseling Program. 

Dina is a member of the Board of Directors and chair of the Community/HR Committee at Partners in Restorative Initiatives, and a member of the Mental Health Workgroup for Racial and Structural Equity Commission. She also serves as a parent liaison for culturally-responsive Education at Greece Athena Middle School. 

Dina’s motivation to form this group was inspired by a Black Families Matter rally held in the Town of Greece on June 20, 2020. After the rally, Dina decided to get involved in stakeholder discussions around key issues such as diversity, inclusion and equity within the government bodies and community organizations within the Town of Greece.  These meetings led to the forming of the Monroe County Family Coalition. Dina hopes that MCFC will serve all people in Monroe County, providing much need resources such as tutoring for children and families, educational lectures, mental health services, etc. Having a Baptist faith background and raised by a pastor and wife, she believes in the power of bridging gaps, creating unity, and particularly serving the underserved and underrepresented communities.

Dina lives in Greece, NY, is married, and has four children and two grandchildren.

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