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Season ONE

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Episode 30: When Pokemon Go Meets Escape Room

Ashley Fico joins us in this episode with a new innovative take on the escape room. The InnoQuests mobile app takes you and your fellow adventurers on a choose-your-own-adventure experience in your hometown. Solve puzzles from location to location and rediscover your city like you never have before. Join our terrific guest as we learn more about this hybrid virtual escape room experience. 

About Innoquests

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InnoQuests LLC offers a new way to explore, like never before! Created by Kyle Anker & Ashley Fico, InnoQuests transforms touring a city into an escape room-like experience. Players are immersed in a story delivered via the InnoQuests mobile app that guides them from location-to-location. Puzzles/clues presented along the way can only be solved through real-world exploration!

More About Ashley Fico, CEO:

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Ashley Fico is CEO and Co-Founder of InnoQuests LLC. Along with her brother, Kyle Anker, she created the InnoQuests' mobile app. They are committed to using their product to provide interactive adventures that provide unique and memorable opportunities to explore the world.

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