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Season Two

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep. 48 -
Awaken Your Potential with Casey Hasten

Doing what you love for a living may not seem possible. Life and responsibilities have a tendency to get in your way. The energy that we put out attracts others and if you aren’t careful you may be sending out the wrong signals. Our guest Casey Hasten shares some terrific tips on how to set your mind up to open the right doors for you. Awaken your potential through journaling is a holistic approach that weaves your professional goals along with body, mind, and soul so that you can hit all your targets in life. That’s not all! Casey is also a Director of Recruiting at We Are VIP, a podcaster and Ninja of Networking. Don’t miss this episode of TST with Casey Hasten.


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Casey Hasten is the Director of Recruiting and Coaching with VIP, Podcast Host of the We Are VIP Podcast, and the Networking Ninja.  Her mission is to help raise the consciousness of the world by helping those she touches learn to be at choice.  To accomplish this mission, she focuses on the importance of mindset first and foremost and teaches her clients how to live “at choice” and how to co-create their own reality through managing perceptions.  This has led to her most recent passion and project, the Awaken: Your Potential journal.


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VIP was first launched in 2008 as a direct hire executive search firm capable of servicing small privately-owned companies to Fortune 500 companies. With the demand of additional services in 2010 and a highly skilled search team, we quickly added contract and contract-to-hire staffing to enhance our ability to provide excellent customer service to our clients. In 2017, we added our project management consulting division, creating our current holistic approach. These service lines allow us to be the go-to, one stop shop for our clients. We envisioned a better way of doing business and are continually building on that vision every day.


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