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Season Two

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep. 49 -
Scott T. Walker Foundation

What happens to a young family when they lose a father, husband, and provider? The spouse and kids are often lost in trying to make sense of that missing piece and what to do to move forward. Struggling single parents face the enormous challenge of providing their families with the essentials and often with very little support. This happened to Dylan Walker and his family when his father, Scott, passed away from cancer. It wasn’t an easy journey but the Walker family made it through. Not only that they created hope for others like them. They started the Scott T. Walker Foundation to honor the legacy of their father and so that single parents families wouldn’t face this challenge alone.


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A family-run foundation that is focused on helping single-parent homes. You are not alone, there are people who have experienced the same thing you may be experiencing. Let us and others help you stand tall. Their Mission is to impact the lives of single-parent households through various grants. Their grants will assist with rent/mortgage payments, car payments, athletic, academic, and therapy costs. There is immeasurable potential in the world today, and their goal is to assist families in unlocking that potential. They want to be an extension to their family helping them get through difficult times. Families impacted by the loss or abandonment of a parent have the ability to stand strong and use their experience as a light to others.


More About Dylan Walker , President & Founder Scott T. Walker Foundation

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Dylan Walker by profession is a CPA and works for an accounting firm based in Newtown CT. They currently are reimagining the role of your small business CPA and transitioning the company to not only do your taxes but to be your trusted advisor. They focus on the growth of your business and pride themselves in offering the best customer experience. Dylan accepted this role as it truly allows his knowledge of accounting to not just educate others, but to empower them to make impactful decisions for their business. His passion of helping individuals roles over into the work he does in his free time. The Walker family founded a non-profit to help improve the lives of others. They want to help families like ours. Dylan’s family lost their loving father and husband at the young age of 42. He battled cancer for four years and unfortunately lost the fight. They were left with a widowed mother who at the time was only a part-time employee at Walmart. Through the support of family and friends, the Walker Family could pick themselves up and continue to push forward. Dylan wanted to do the same thing for similar families who have gone through the same type of loss. The mission of the Scot T. Walker Foundation is to raise money to help single-parents pay rents, car payments, athletic costs, academic costs, and therapy costs. The Walker Family know from experience that there are others with so much potential, and we want to help people unlock that potential. Being dealt a bad hand should not cause families to crumble, so hopefully with the support from this foundation will the help others to stand tall.


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