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Season Two

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep. 59 - Overcoming Your Obstacles with StaffBuffalo

StaffBuffalo is a women-owned business that is your one-stop shop for all your HR and Staffing needs! But they are so much more than that! Lauren Lewis joins us to share all the terrific things that the agency does to establish and maintain close relationships with businesses and job seekers. Their team is constantly networking, providing educational programming, and providing opportunities because they love to make people happy! So whether you are a business owner or looking for that next position, StaffBuffalo provides you with the tools you need to be a success. 

More About Lauren Lewis

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Lauren is a dynamic business professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Fordham University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Canisius College.   As a Partner at StaffBuffalo, a local women-owned, full-service professional staffing firm, Lauren combines her background in sales, her love of working with people, and her passion for WNY.  Lauren loves working with people and developing strong relationships, and she brings that enthusiasm and positivity to work every day.   


In addition to the above, Lauren loves to give back to her community through volunteering with numerous organizations, serving on multiple Boards, and attending fundraisers frequently throughout Buffalo.  Lauren serves as the President of the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association. Lauren, also, sits on the Ambassador Committee for Child & Family Services and was the Co-Chair for Child and Family Service's Premier Fundraiser, Heartlight.   


She is a Prep Collective Co-Chair for Buffalo Prep and has been a member of the planning committees for Buffalos Prep's "Tailgate for Prep" and "Party for Prep".  She is an active alumna of Nardin Academy and is the Alumni Chair for the Nardin Alumni Buffalo  Chapter.  


Lauren is the cohost of WNY at Work on WBBZ, which is a talk show that discusses sports, jobs, economic development, and the people that make it happen.  Each week, the show features a business owner or industry leader within WNY. It aims to have a fun conversation with each guest, allowing the listeners to learn more about the guest’s organizations.

More About StaffBuffalo


StaffBuffalo, a certified women-owned business enterprise, is focused on providing Executive, Permanent, and Temporary Staffing Solutions in the Buffalo, NY area. Throughout the placement process, we target candidates that are both a technical fit and a great cultural fit, which reduces costly turnover in the groups lacking the staff support, makes the Hiring Managers happy, and reduces the strain on internal company resources.


StaffBuffalo Specialties: Accounting & Finance, Executive, Human Resources, Healthcare, Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Legal, Real Estate, Customer Service, Retail, and Cannabis Industry positions.


More about HRBuffalo


HRBuffalo provides small and medium-sized businesses with robust HR support to help them grow and expand.  Many companies are opting for an outsourced HR function to ensure they are up-to-date on compliance and changing regulations, their employees are well taken care of, and all within budget. 


HRBuffalo Offerings: Day-to-Day HR Support service, HR Compliance, HR Project Consultation & Management, and HR On-Demand.

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