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Season Three

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep. 62 - GiveToGet with Jon Mardis

Imagine being surrounded by people who want to help you land your preferred job and being proactively approached by several employers trying to recruit you. Your next job starts with Give to Get. Join host Nick Koziol as we learn from Jon Mardis how GiveToGet is Revolutionizing the Job Transition World. 

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Jon Mardis is the Founder of a Revolutionary Talent Acquisition Solution called GiveToGet - Cincinnati Born & Raised, went to St. X and UC Grad and has an MBA in Finance & Marketing.


The motto at his high school was “men for others” and it stuck with him in life and career. He found that this life-guiding principle was far less common than he had hoped or expected, and it was this M.O. that inspired a vision and decision to leave a successful 20-year career as a leader in financial services to create something unique. Mardis saw a HUGE opportunity and is fired up to talk about it!


In 2019, Mardis was entrenched in the job transition world as a Managing Director and lead recruiter for a firm when he experienced firsthand the problems that he was attempting to solve. Job seekers don’t help job seekers, lack social networks and connections to get referred to employers and resort to job boards as there’s no external platform dedicated to providing warm introductions into employers. Employers are disconnected from talent and focus too much on sourcing on job boards. Talent acquisition isn’t personal, yet referrals are the #1 source of talent acquisition.


His concept and approach would disrupt a stale and fragmented industry but had no idea after going dormant in 2020, that in 2021, HR tech would be the latest craze for innovation and capital. If he didn’t recognize that talent acquisition isn’t personal and job transition is inefficient and takes personal actions to fill these voids, Mardis wouldn’t have taken the initiative to launch his company in March 2021. Mardis is excited about the journey and in love with the problems that they are solving.

Give to Get






GiveToGet is an inclusive membership community supporting professionals in job transition. We strive to make future career choices better, less painful, and stimulate a more productive transition. Our mission is to accelerate the rate at which strategic connections are made and reduce the duration spent in job transition. GTG believes time spent in job transition is best spent "giving" introductions to others in transition. Our professional members make proactive connections to hidden opportunities.

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