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Season Three

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast


Ep. 8 -  BEfree: Freelancing with Marie Rachelle

Getting paid to do what you love sounds amazing but can you really do it on your own? How do you get started? What is the balance of your own business and personal life? What are things to look out for? How can you be most effective? Everyone needs a coach! In this episode we hear from Marie Rachelle the Freelance Community Builder and Coach for Aspiring Freelancers. Learn what it takes to be an aspirational freelancer and what it takes to get started on a path to success. Start your freelance journey!

That Sounds Terrific Podcast:

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More about Marie Rachelle and Biz Be Active:

Marie Rachelle is a freelance community builder. She is the coach for aspiring freelancers as well as the Founder of Convergence Coworking. Voted Most Aspirational Freelancer by her peers at the Freelance Conference in 2019, she lives up to her title by organizing Freelance Business Week Buffalo and is the President of the Western New York Coworking Alliance. Over the years, Marie has worked with and opened multiple businesses from Naples, Florida to Buffalo, New York. She has been featured on The Lunchbreak Podcast, WNY Entrepreneur Podcast, and Reach for the Stars Podcast, as well as in The Buffalo News, Buffalo Rising, WBEN, WKBW, and more. Marie is passionate about building community both online and in-person.

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