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Season Three

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep 86: Finding Your FocalPoint with Allan Carraway

In episode 86 we embark on an exciting journey into the realms of coaching, business, and community involvement. In this lively conversation with our special guest, Allan Carraway, explore his eclectic background, from running a chain of cafes in Anchorage, Alaska. We'll uncover the hidden magic in the simple act of providing the perfect cup of coffee. Allan isn't just about brewing beans; he's all about brewing up a better world. From DJing to coaching, we'll discover how he conquered fear and made a life-changing leap into the world of helping others. His coaching philosophy? Show up for the community, create a joy addiction, become a friend, and always be there for others by providing high value. And don't miss his "pivot project," where he has been collecting the stories of those who successfully transformed during tough times. Shame? Failure? Allan's got the antidote, and it involves clear goals and vivid visualizations to keep the motivational fires burning. So, hang tight for a captivating discussion on personal and business development, community engagement, resilience, and the all-important power of having clear visions and goals. Allan Carraway's wisdom will ignite your passion to create a better world!

About Allan Carraway, President, Professional Development, Inc. / FocalPoint Coaching Alaska





Allan Carraway, a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach, began his business journey at the young age of 17. His experiences, along with a passion for entrepreneurship, led him to become Alaska’s first FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach.


As the former Center Director for the Anchorage Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Allan led a motivated team of business advisors, setting an Alaskan record by assisting clients in acquiring over $20 million in capital. 


In his role as a business coach, Allan has guided over 400 clients from start-up ideation, including coaching the 2018 Alaska Small Business of the Year. Allan specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs develop business plans, understand how to pivot through challenging times and exit successfully, and managing the tenacity required of entrepreneurs. 


A gifted public speaker and facilitator, Allan is recognized as a top trainer and facilitator. His engaging demeanor and business acumen make him a sought-after speaker for a range of events. Allan has delivered hundreds of workshops in various formats, including in-person, hybrid, virtual, and on-demand pre-recorded webinars


Allan’s practical business experience includes owning and operating a successful coffee business with three retail coffee shops and cafes for over 16 years in the world’s most competitive market. He also collaborated with numerous startups as a locally-known expert, including coaching the winning business at the 2020 Start-Up Weekend.


Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Allan is deeply passionate about the state, and the sense of community. His goal is to help each client reach their full potential and find both personal and professional satisfaction.  Learn more at

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