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Season four

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep 90: Schooley Mitchell

In this engaging episode, host Nick Koziol welcomes special guest Michael Neil from Schooley Mitchell. Michael, a seasoned consultant with a background in digital marketing, shares insights into how Schooley Mitchell's services have been making businesses and nonprofits more profitable and efficient for the past 24 years. Discover the passion Michael brings to his work with nonprofits, emphasizing the importance of reducing expenses so organizations can allocate more resources to their missions.  Michael also shares his experiences volunteering with the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA), a nonprofit dedicated to providing food and essential supplies to those in need. This episode is a testament to the positive impact businesses can have when guided by a commitment to both financial success and community service. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that highlights the importance of personal connections and spreading positivity in both the business world and everyday life. 

About Michael Neil





Michael Neil's passion lies in assisting businesses and nonprofits in crafting their distinctive narratives to boost revenue, enhance engagement, foster brand loyalty, and attract new clients, customers, donors, and volunteers. He elevates their stories to achieve outstanding results.


With a professional background encompassing leadership roles in marketing, business development, and product development across startups and Fortune 500 companies, Michael has led both large and small teams to exceptional success, garnering corporate and industry awards. He has spearheaded multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns resulting in billions of dollars, introduced innovative software products, transformed industries through social media, optimized organizational processes to save millions, and holds a patent for inventing an internet service.


Michael's notable successes have been with entrepreneurial organizations within large corporations, startups, and mission-driven non-profits. His entrepreneurial journey began in high school, where he initiated a cleaning business and sold products at rock concerts. This spirit continued through college at Syracuse University and manifested in ventures related to consumer software, internet services, and real estate at various life stages.


Dedicated to community service since his teens, Michael currently serves as a board member for the largest volunteer-driven nonprofit in the Greater Philadelphia area, focused on eradicating food insecurity and creating impactful volunteer experiences. He has raised millions for various causes, played a key role in launching an educational curriculum overseas, devised innovative marketing and branding campaigns, implemented novel social service programs, and introduced cutting-edge technologies to support them.


An award-winning photographer, Michael's creative work adorns this site. Residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and teenage kids, they are avid supporters of summer camp, barbecue adventures, travel, superhero films, favorite sports teams, live music, and dogs. During the pandemic, the Neil family volunteered with a local non-profit rescue agency, fostering over 100 dogs and aiding in their journey to find forever homes. Michael currently contributes as a parent-coach to the Pennsbury Ultimate Frisbee Club, a top 20-ranked high school team. 

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