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Season four

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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Ep 96: Sweet Pea Plant-Powered Wellness

Host, Nick Koziol speaks with terrific guest, Chef Ryan Jennings, who takes you on a culinary exploration and empowerment journey.  Learn the heartfelt story behind Sweetpea Plant-Based Kitchen, a haven where every dish is crafted to nurture both body and soul. Discover how Chef Ryan and Sweetpea co-founder, Mike Linehan, set out to change the course of his health journey that was so successful it ended up placing them both on the mission to redefine the wellness culinary landscape. It's time to nourish your body, nurture your soul, and embrace the delicious possibilities of a plant-powered future. Listeners enter the code TST15 at check-out for a 15% discount!

About Ryan Jennings, Chef/President at Sweet Pea Plant Based Kitchen:




Ryan Jennings has devoted his life to creating delicious food with a spirit of hospitality.  He has over two decades of experience in professional kitchens, successfully leading operations for fine dining restaurants and a multi-unit restaurant group.  His deep knowledge of the local food system, passion for cuisine, and focus on result-driven, efficient operations leave him well-suited to manage Sweet Pea as it grows. 

Connect and Follow Sweetpea Plantbase:

Listeners of TST get a 15% discount to Sweetpea - use the code TST15 at checkout!







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