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Season Two

Above the Clouds

That Sounds Terrific Podcast

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TST Episode 46 -
Your Expert IT Partner

When you are at work and technology fails who are you going to call?  Helpdesk is often on speed dial to contact that IT superhero who can swoop in and make everything work. Not every company has an IT mastermind on the payroll but that doesn’t mean there is no one to call. You can get the Expert IT Partner through Tanner Sanderson and SynchroNet.  Join us on this episode of That Sounds Terrific to learn how Tanner and the SynchroNet family help businesses get the support they need to standardize practices, keep their private information safe, tech in tip-top shape, and their online presence worry-free. 

More About Tanner Sanderson - VP, Business Development at SynchroNet Industries

Tanner was raised in Canton, NY, and moved to the Buffalo area after he attended St. Lawrence University. He spends his free time fostering dogs for Nickel City Canine Rescue and is a proud member of the Erie County Hazardous Materials/WMD Response Team (HAZMAT).

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More about SynchroNet

Headquartered in West Seneca, NY, SynchroNet has supported small and medium-sized businesses in Western New York and beyond since 1998. Our goal from the start was to build scalable, repeatable processes that make sense from a business operations perspective: We know from experience that your IT environment can be a profit center.

If you’re not sure, that’s because you’re not yet on The SynchroNet Way. We take a consultative approach to our work to ensure that your systems, network, applications, and people are in sync so that your organization can focus on your work, not on your tools. Yes, The SynchroNet Way takes a very different approach to IT management. By prioritizing business results, we become your partner in growth and success.

More About That Sounds Terrific - Host Nick Koziol

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