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More About the Chief Creative Officer

Nick Koziol
Passionate About Inspiring and Helping Others

Working with people and helping them achieve their goals is a passion for me. I'm excited to share what I've learned from my experiences. The most important thing is I did not get here on my own. I have led some spectacular teams but that didn't come about immediately. Through my career and in my life I have worked with amazing leaders, inspiring coaches, great mentors and was raised by parents that instilled important values within me from day one. I find inspiration and learn from every relationship along the way. Working with people, leading, crafting a brand are forms of art and I can help you set a path towards greater success. The processes starts with actively listening to you. I work with you to understand your position, situations, goals and together we build a plan to reach those milestones. The success is all yours and I get to celebrate with you as you achieve. 

About Nick Koziol

Nick Koziol has been mentoring students and professionals for over 15 years. He started his career in Higher Education as a Graduate Hall Director at SUNY Fredonia. Koziol in addition to leading his residence hall team he interned in the Admissions Office assisting in recruitment and rewrote the judicial manual for the Student Conduct Office.


In 2004, he accepted a Resident Hall Director position at SUNY Cortland. As an RHD, he oversaw a freshmen residence hall with a Living Learning Community component. Koziol also planned and developed RA training sessions presenting on Leadership, Crisis Response, Peer-to-Peer Counseling, and Conflict Resolution. Koziol served in several additional capacities including as a Staff Justice, Career Services Mentor, Project Management Liaison to Facilities, and more.

Koziol accepted an Associate Director of Alumni Engagement position at Cortland and was placed in charge of Chapters and Regional Reunions. He planned multifaceted events all across the United States. While in this role, Koziol created the first electronic newsletter to alumni, implemented an online community, and managed the social media presence for the Alumni Engagement Office. Koziol was also an instructor for Civic Engagement Learning Community. also created an intern program to help address staff shortages and that gave hands-on-learning experiences for students in event management, fundraising, social media marketing, public relations, and more. Koziol was asked to serve as an Interim General Manager for the Lynne Parks '68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House where he implemented a preferred partner program, secured and hosted the largest wedding ever on-site for the Cortland Mayor and created a new social media marketing plan. At Cortland Koziol had the pleasure of being the relationship manager for many wonderful alumni, coordinating events with prominent guests like the New York Jets, and more.


In 2015 Koziol took a newly created position as Director of Alumni Engagement at Medaille College. In his first year Established a minimum gift standard and 100% participation for the Alumni Board of Directors and created a new Coordinator role. In 2017 he received the Making the Difference Leadership Award presented by TRiO Support Services for redesigning an improved alumni mentoring program that provided professional services to TRiO students from alumni in their field. Koziol created an annual nation-wide campus event for alumni, faculty, staff, and students through interactive events via social media, on-campus functions, and an alumni awards banquet. In the second year of this event, the Medaille College Athletic Hall of Fame Inaugural Class event was also added.​ Koziol also created a communications course in Social Media Branding to help students learn co-branding concepts and to further promote Medaille College. 

Koziol created a consulting business to assist non-profits and small businesses with social media marketing, website, and public relations. 


Over his professional career, Koziol has developed expertise in Relationship Management, Volunteer Management, Event Planning, Leadership Education, Career Services, Mentoring, Networking, Recruitment, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Teaching. He has a great depth of experience in working with diverse groups of people from many different walks of life. Koziol has presented and worked with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other professionals.

He is passionate about celebrating others and their successes. There has been a great deal of negativity highlighted in this new year of 2020, That Sounds Terrific was created to celebrate the positive and share that news starting with the Western New York Region. The That Sounds Terrific Podcast is designed around interviewing different area leaders to recognize them and celebrate the great work that they are doing to create, build, and influence an even more positive and supportive community. 

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