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Season One

Above the Clouds

Episode 19: Red Headed Giants


Join Nick and Jess for a mysterious episode featuring special guest Floyd Wills, the author of "The Red Haired-Giants of Lovelock Cave." Dive into the enigmatic world of ancient giants as Floyd unravels the mysteries and hauntings of Lovelock Cave. Plus, get ready for a hair-raising treat as Floyd shares two of his own unforgettable paranormal encounters. Don't miss this thrilling journey into the unknown!

About Floyd Wills:

Contact him at

Floyd Wills has a Bachelor's degree in human development and holds certifications in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic psychology. His investigations into ancient mysteries have led him across the globe. He currently lives in Washington state in the United States.

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Join Jess and Nick to talk about how the world is much stranger than it seems and explore the unknown which can be, well… terrifying. 

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