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Season One

Above the Clouds

Episode 8: 
The Union Tavern


That Sounds Terrifying, hosts Nick Koziol and Jess DeCotis venture into the truly haunted Union Tavern in Rochester, NY. In a TST first on-site recording explore the eerie history of the establishment with special guest Kelly Bush, the owner of Union Tavern. Kelly recounts the building's rich history dating back to 1819 when it was owned by Sylvester Woodman, a Great Lakes pirate. The hosts learn about the various paranormal occurrences and encounters experienced by Kelly and her team during the renovations when unexplained footsteps started their paranormal story. The Union Tavern has its fair share of ghostly tales and the TST podcast also had experience while filming the interview. Tune in to this episode for a chilling journey into the Union Tavern, where history, mystery, and the supernatural converge. And don't forget to stay until the end, where we share some video that unveils an additional twist to the paranormal activity Nick and Jess experienced during their visit.

More About the Union Tavern



The Union Tavern, formerly the Reunion Inn, is located in the beautiful historic Sea Breeze neighborhood. Opened in June 2019, this Farmhouse tavern features delicious food, cold drinks, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Our menu consists of delicious appetizers, handhelds, hearty comfort food, and home-style entrees. Cocktails are a delightful mix of classic and creative, something old and something new.  They have a large variety of beer, wine, and cider featuring some of our local favorites!

Don and Kelly are committed to bringing a welcoming neighborhood vibe to their establishments. The Union Tavern is a place where everyone is welcome until you make someone feel unwelcome. They provide a safe space for all. The original owner of the property was Sylvester Woodman, a Great Lakes Pirate. A wooden farmhouse was built in 1819. In 1854, the Bradstreet family purchased the property, tore down the farmhouse, and spent 2 years constructing the brick building that stands here today. Ghost stories, because this place certainly is haunted. They love to talk about it. If you'd like to schedule a formal history chat, email Kelly at and set up a tour.
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